Emirates Face Recognition LLC ('Emirates FR') creates high performance, state-of-the-art face recognition enabled solutions for,

•    securing issuance of travel and identification documents
•    facilitating border clearance
•    enabling airport operators to deliver new revenue generating passenger facilitation     services
•    protecting critical infrastructure and key assets vital to the nation
•    enhancing law enforcement's ability to identity people
•    securing value exchange for machine-assisted service delivery

To realise best-of-breed solutions, Emirates FR develops an extensive knowledge of the business processes the solutions are designed to enhance, takes a comprehensive approach to solution provision and uses state-of-the-art face recognition enabling technology to achieve the highest recognition performance when operating in real-world settings.
Emirates FR has cemented its position as the number one provider by delivering solutions that perform unobtrusively within the unique operational requirements of the business process and deliver recognition findings in seconds.



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