Secure Facilitated Border Clearance Effective border clearance means a safe and secure nation. It is one of the key frontline components of protecting a nation's critical infrastructure!

To strengthen and facilitate border clearance, the international community introduced the ePassport carrying a trusted face recognition compliant, "face-print of the rightful holder".

Deployment of ePassport reading and face recognition technology in arrival and departure controls ensures vital details can be machine-read from the contactless computer chip embedded in the ePassport while face recognition confirms the presenter as the "rightful holder"..... collectively in less than 5-seconds!

Emirates FR's unique border clearance offering comprises:

  • Smart face biometric capture cameras to automatically capture best quality, best pose face-prints from all persons (simultaneously) at an Immigration Counter;
  • Face Biometric Capture Controllers to dynamically adjust the camera to realise the highest quality, most detailed face-prints while performing ePassport Rightful Holder MATCH and WHITE List Checks;
  • High-Demand Face Recognition Engines to carry out LOOKOUT Check(s); and
  • a Face Biometric Store to integrate face-prints from trusted sources and provide real-time up-to-date copies to High-Demand Face Recognition Engines

Emirates FR also offers a unique, ePassport-compliant Immigration eGate complete with WEB-Service connection to a Remote Adjudication Workstation to allow Border Control Authorities to offer eGate clearance to all ePassport holders upon arrival.

Provision of a turnkey bespoke Border Clearance Infrastructures is also offered.

Emirates FR 's Face Recognition Infrastructures are fault tolerant and fully scalable to accommodate the unique needs of each Border Control Authority.



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