Forensic Law Enforcement One of the greatest challenges law enforcement faces is identifying a person based on forensic evidence.

Face recognition technology serves as an invaluable tool to address that need, allowing voluminous databases of face-prints to be checked and sorted into an ordered list of individuals that look most similar to the person law enforcement is attempting to identify.

Emirates FR offers a comprehensive infrastructure that allows millions of face-prints to be searched in seconds. That infrastructure includes,

  • Forensic Workstations to extract images from a variety of media (e.g. image files, videos and printed photographs) for comparison against one or more face-print databases;
  • Bespoke face-print adjustment tools to allow the very best images to be isolated for use in a search. Tools include, "digital de-rotation of facial images" and "exaggerated expression removal"; and
  • Face Recognition Engines to carry out fast-searches against a database of face-prints and report a ranked gallery of persons deemed to look most similar to the enquiry image.

Searches of face-print databases using Emirates FR Forensic Face Recognition Engines can be completed in seconds: for example, a search of 15-million face-prints can be completed in less than 1-seconds!

All Emirates FR Forensic Face Recognition Infrastructures are fault tolerant and fully scalable.



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