Pre-Emptive Surveillance To meet national security needs, responsible Governments are deploying unified national infrastructures to proactively protect critical infrastructure and key assets vital to public health and safety, national security, governance, economy and public confidence.

For a unified national infrastructure to be truly effective it must be pre-emptive; meaning it must support immediate detection of threats and, wherever possible, prevent them from occurring!

Video surveillance has traditionally been used as the mainstay for such infrastructures. Unfortunately, video surveillance relies largely on operators to scan banks of displays to detect issues. With research indicating that the ability of even a well-motivated operator to concentrate on a display drops by 90% after just 20-minutes, use of video surveillance on its own is insufficient for creating an effective unified national infrastructure.

Building on expensive experiences creating face recognition systems that use live video to detect, track and identify persons in challenging real-world settings, Emirates FR has created a technology infrastructure capable of delivering pre-emptive surveillance using digital IP cameras offering sufficient quality and resolution to enable effective visual and forensic assessment of video in both real-time and playback; including performing face recognition; "intelligent analytics technology" to process real-time and recalled video and audio to automatically detect threats; and analytics generated alerts to advise and activate appropriate response resources.

Emirates FR Pre-Emptive Surveillance technology and integrated solutions ensure that critical infrastructure and key assets can finally be protected in a manner where potential threats are immediately detected and, wherever possible, prevented!



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