Airport Services Airport Operators are continuously called upon to accommodate a voluminous passenger traffic increase in a manner that ensures facilitation and enhancement of the overall passenger experience within the highest standards of safety and security. Accommodation must be underpinned by a comprehensive strategic vision: one that is global in scope, innovative in approach and enabled by efficient business processes and advanced technologies. Overall, Operators must ensure that a balance is realised between passenger facilitation and safety and security.

A constant challenge to achieving that balance is confirming a passenger’s true identity. Use of biometric technology has become synonymous with achieving that confirmation.

Emirates FR believes that facial recognition should be the "primary" identity confirmation technology used at airports. That belief is rooted in the fact that the overwhelming majority of international air travellers - currently estimated to be over 635,000,000 – carry the globally standardised ePassport; each of which carries a facial biometric (face-print) of the Rightful Holder and machine-readable information vital to confirming the authenticity of the passport and all data carried. That belief is strengthened and focused by the realisation that persons carrying an ePassport are, in effect, enrolled in a “common global passenger clearance and facilitation program"; one that can be used to great advantage by an Airport Operator.

While Operators realise significant indirect benefits from ePassport-enabled border clearance, the existence of a globally standardised machine-readable credential (the ePassport) and retrievable facial biometric sets the stage for introduction of a broad range of additional machine/biometric assisted airport services; each of which is designed to meet specific operational and/or commercial needs of the airport. These services, which are underpinned by the ability to identify the passenger unobtrusively and in largely uncontrolled settings via face recognition, enable Airport Operators to introduce new and innovative ways to realize a new level of secure value exchange with their clients.

All of the major passenger movement steps - check-in, baggage processing, Immigration exit control, security access, security screening, boarding, Immigration entry control and baggage collection – can realize benefits. All can be facilitated!

Emirates FR offers these benefits as innovative, self-funded (revenue-generating) services through a unique Build-Support-Renew (BSR) business partnership with the Airport Operator.

The Operator realises a new significant sustainable source of annual revenue linked directly to the airport’s ever increasing passenger traffic volume.



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