Secure Value Exchange Most business transactions involve an exchange in which each party gives up and receives something of value.

To improve provision, many businesses are automating the delivery of services. Some are using self-service machines/kiosks (for example, Airport Check-In Kiosks, Immigration eGates and Bank ATMs), while others are using software applications to connect with personal and laptop computers, tablets and mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones) held by a recipient.

To secure the exchange, service providers are looking to biometric technology to confirm that the "rightful recipient" is in fact requesting/receiving service delivery. Equally, the "rightful recipient" is seeking assurance that only they are able to receive the service delivery.

While all biometrics have the potential for application, only face recognition is the most facilitating: it does not require a portion of the business process to be dedicated to capturing the biometric, nor does it require the person to overtly participate. Face biometric capture can be accomplished while other aspects of the business process are taking place. Most important, face recognition findings can be confirmed and adjudicated by an untrained human; something the other biometrics fail to support.

Having worked in the demanding areas of capture and processing of facial biometrics for border clearance and forensic surveillance, Emirates FR has developed a suite of technologies that enable service providers to achieve secure value exchange when using self-service machines/kiosks.



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